ProStone Systems considers the installtion of ceramic and natural stone as a system that inclusdes: preparation, selection, installation and maintenance.

We believe that each component must be considered and specified to insure a successful and durable installation.

Carefully researched and easy to use, this website takes the "mystery" our of the selection and specification of natural stone. By partnering with the finest manufacturers, Mapei, Schluter, and Noble, we have anticipated the
problems and offered solutions. Each stone has been tested and matched with a suitable setting materials, installation
and maintenance method.

For your convenience, you can download our System Specification from this website (below) or from our ProStone Systems CD provided in our sampling. This will enable you to incorporate our system information into your
project specification.

The staff of ProStone Systems would like you to think of us as a one-stop resource offering products, guidance
and professional technical information.

Click here to download Section:09385 Stone Floor & Wall Tile Spec Document